Sovconomy! Part 1

Greetings, Comrades!

I had two scripts prepared, one for this and one for Stalin, for this week – and this won out in the social media voting. So here you go. Honestly – I’m normally very, VERY critical of my episodes, but this is what I consider to be one of my top tier shows. A must listen. Because…wow. The work I put in here, in my opinion, really paid off. And the things I discovered, were truly surprising and weird. But I guess, it’s how podcasting goes. This is a “fun” episode. And if it isn’t – well, how much more in dark comedy and depression should I go to make it fun? Also, if you’re from Sweden, please write to us – as we’re visiting very soon for a day.




The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Sovconomy! Part 1
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  1. Hi, interesting episode, but a couple of comments on the propaganda regarding Norway. 1. Hopefully Salo is not a part of any Norwegians’ diet, since it is a common dishsoap. 2 it is true that there was high inflation in Norway in the years following WW II, however most members of the working class did benefit of this, since the salaries did increase more than prices on common goods. Also people with mortgages really did benefit of this, since one could build a house worth 5 times the yearly salary, and after 10 years the salaries had increased so much that the initial morgary was only 2 times the salary.

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