Man of Steel 6 – Tbilisi Heist

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This episode is a “fun” one, and as it contains crime, violence, descriptions of gory events, explicit language, secret marriages and conspiracies, it’s not suited for younger listeners. Yes, we’ve now managed to get into the period, where, as we discovered in the last episode, Stalin’s decided to “do practical things” and “take matters further”. It’s the story leading up to, and all about the grand Tbilisi heist in 1907. Also, it’s my birthday tomorrow (and my half brother’s too, by the way, he’s exactly 3 years younger than I am) so we’re going to a party later today, so the book for the patrons is going to be out on the 29th or 30th. Enjoy!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Man of Steel 6 - Tbilisi Heist
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  1. I doubt that Stalin didn’t wear medals because he was a humble man. This is the same person who created a gigantic cult of personality around himself, had his portraits and statues displayed everywhere, and made people break into applause whenever he opened his mouth.
    I think a better explanation would be that he didn’t felt the need to flaunt his superiority to people this way. Perhaps all those medals and titles would have been just distracting. He was STALIN. Nothing else was needed to add to that name.

    Also, the Brits seem to be making a movie about the death of Stalin. (Trailer: What are your thoughts on this?

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