Video episode about the Soviet car fest!

Greetings, Comrades!

This is our first ever video episode. We were in a Soviet car festival and road trip for three days, sleeping in tents, and driving an Oka car, with a 0.65 lither engine. It all ended in a tank museum, and you can see an IS-2 tank there even. Now, I’m not very good with a camera, and this was my first attempt to make a video episode ever…and wasn’t easy, but hey…I tried my best, and I hope you’ll enjoy this. Here’s the link:

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2 Comments on Video episode about the Soviet car fest!

  1. Hey man, I’ve got a Zenit camera too! Only, it’s from 1991 or 1992. Great camera! After all this years it need a bit of maintenance, and I accidentally broke the mirror, but the mechanism and the photometer work fantastically well! I just really freakin love that camera.

    Salud my friend, and if you ever come to Argentina you can crash in my couch and drink from my beer at any time, we have good beer now!

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