Prigozhin…crisis? Eh. When Discord Fails.

Because of how this ended up….we just recorded this on discord with Zack from When Diplomacy Fails and Alex from History Impossible…and I hope this ends up as an uneventful night.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Prigozhin...crisis? Eh. When Discord Fails.
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2 Comments on Prigozhin…crisis? Eh. When Discord Fails.

  1. Putin is Charles the Fat. Prigozhin is Berengar of Friuli. Neither of them is fully aware because there is no Arnulf of Carinthia in the picture.

  2. On the nuclear option, what if Prigozhin did indeed acquire a tactical nuke and that is his get out of jail free card? If he was set out for Moscow and then realized his anger was more than his tactical advantage and now Putin had him on the Polonium list, wouldn’t it make sense to use the nuclear deterrence as a bid to save his own life?

    As you know russia projects just about everything they do and Peskov was saying that “It would be terrible if a nuclear armament were in the wrong hands.” Could that have given Progozhin the idea amidst all the rest of the crazy that is going on and the state that russia is in?

    Everyone on the panel sort of made an attempt to answer two questions, nukes and why russia gave Prigozhin the pass after everything. Would this explain what has happened?

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