Sovconomy 2 – There’s no money, but you guys, hold on!

Greetings, Comrades!

I got terribly ill – had tonsilitis in a heavy form. Basically, I was tormented with fever so I couldn’t script as well as I wanted, and then, turns out that with a terribly sore throat, recording is literally impossible to do. But – as I’m almost ok now, recorded this episode, which I admit, isn’t the best one that we’ve ever made – but it’s full with fun statistics, and is all about the communal flats. And why people in modern day Russia still live in those quite often. Basically – enjoy. Tons of comparisons, lots of history and some modern day economics. Hope you’ll like it, despite the flaws. Ooh, and we have pictures this time!


Multiple doorbell system, installed in a typical Soviet communal flat.


And if you didn’t have multiple doorbells, you had this – a plaque, stating how many times to ring for each apartment.


And of course – the announcement board. These were used in those apartments, where three or more families lived. And there were a lot of those.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Sovconomy 2 - There's no money, but you guys, hold on!
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