Extra Episode 1 – Astonishing Legends of The Eastern Border

Greetings, Comrades!

This time, we have something special for you – about an hour-long conversation (recorded through Skype) with Scott and Forrest from the Astonishing Legends podcast, about mysteries, USSR, podcasting, strange experiences, media, a bit of politics and other random things. We did edit some things out, as to not spoil their next show, though.

It is an extra for you, while we’re making our Chernobyl episode, recording a new intro and fixing our mistakes. By the way, thank you for pointing out our mistakes. We’ll continue making these extra shows in the future – our Patreon supporters and paypal donaters will get their hands on them first, but they all will eventually be released to the public anyway.

Also, if you don’t like me, talking with other podcasters and rambling, including making Trump jokes, feel free to skip this episode. Important note – I sound a bit weird here, as the audio recording was done by the Astonishing Legends guys, as I was in Ludza at the time, and quite ill.

Today’s image is: The Astonishing Legends logo

Astonishing Legends

Be sure to check them out on their website – http://www.astonishinglegends.com/┬áiTunes, or your favourite podcast app. ┬áI hope you’ll enjoy them, while we’re working on things. Enjoy the show!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Extra Episode 1 - Astonishing Legends of The Eastern Border
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5 Comments on Extra Episode 1 – Astonishing Legends of The Eastern Border

  1. My experience was merely something oval blocking a section of stars in the sky and moving. We followed in a car at 100kph but couldn’t keep up.

  2. What I know about The Eastern Border is that the men are sooo handsome.
    As an American I am bit embarrassed about some of my fellow Americans.

    • I can’t claim to know much about the Eastern Border, but I agree, I do know the women are beautiful…
      This podcast sheds a lot of light on the ideas of nationalism of the countries (not states) that were occupied (could it be considered occupation, I still don’t know) by the USSR. I feel like if the interviewees in this episode had listened to the podcast, they might have a better idea of what it means to be Latvian. I must admit, when asked, I thought of the USSR being synonymous with Russia (and assumed all of the assimilated countries shared the same ideals and political beliefs). And Yes, growing up I was kind of told that the Russians were very close to launching nuclear missiles (maybe from Cuba?) our way because they didn’t like us. (I sort of think now that could very well have been a product of the American Media driving a Fear Agenda.) As I see more of the culture and Soviet system I start to realize this may not have been entirely true. I appreciate the insight into the culture, it really fills in the gaps of my misconception and I feel like I have a better understanding of the people and politics of the time in Eastern Europe.

      Thank you for making this podcast, very well done. I think you are showing an approachable view of Eastern European Culture (under communist occupation) that many Americans don’t know about. I’m sorry I don’t always see the irony in some of the jokes you tell (if you need a native speaker to help, I’d love to…), but I do find most all of the stories you tell hilarious. Keep up the good work.

      I’m repeating myself, which reminds me I don’t think I’ve had a Latvian beer, but I’ve got to find one.

      thanks again!

  3. Comrade,

    I’ve been listening to the Astonishing Legends podcast for a few months now, and upon hearing of your podcast on one of their episodes, decided to give it a whirl. I am learning so much! I hadn’t realized that I was interested in Soviet history. With half of my ancestors being from Sweden, I suppose it should matter to me somewhat. I’m currently binge-listening to your shows and am on Episode 7 currently.
    Anyhow, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I’m enjoying your shows. I really enjoyed listening to this one (with Forrest and Scott). The discourse is easy and flows freely and the banter is quite enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

  4. Just a thought regarding your orange sky sighting… Could it have been one of the russian nuclear tests? I’ve read recently that the one of the american blasts in the Pacific could be seen 1500+ km away in Hawaii. Well, the flash.

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