Episode 10 – Chernobyl

Greetings, Comrades!
We’ve had a rough February – and we didn’t manage to fix all of our errors in the previous podcasts, but…here we are nonetheless. This show was one of the hardest ever to make, and I really hope you’ll not only enjoy it, but will also take some time to understand the depth of the tragedy. Today’s picture is – Pripyat. Empty, irradiated and ghastly, it stands there to remind us of the evils of ignorance.


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The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Episode 10 - Chernobyl
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12 Comments on Episode 10 – Chernobyl

      • Thank you soo much again (!) ^^
        – When I looked it up in Russian, брак ‘Brak’ came back as a direct translation for ‘marriage’, which is either poignant or hilarious.
        So I wanted to double check! ^^

        My sincere best wishes to you and everything to do (!)

    • Yes, because obviously, the Soviet government would never lie to anyone, especially foreign powers. Of course. And independent investigations later, during the perestroika are all wrong. Totally.

  1. The attempted cover up may have been done in true Russian style, and subtlety. BUT the knee-jerk reaction to minimize and cover up big industrial stuff is by no means unique to the Soviet Union – Bhopal India, and Three Mile Island are also case studies.

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