War in Ukraine: Episode 148

I’m back on twitter! And people are helping me grow again! My tag is @torquemadastark, please join and tell others. About the news – in this episode, I look at the blatantly fascist, bordering on totalitarianism new conscription laws that Russia has adopted. There’s also quite a lot of introductionary things aimed at my new listeners and also information about how Russia has constantly lied about the draft. Oh, and Girkin’s finally getting into trouble.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: Episode 148
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2 Comments on War in Ukraine: Episode 148

  1. Hi, Kristaps, I wrote you an email to theeasternborder@gmail.com but just in case you do not read I want to say that I love your podcast (again) and that I absolutely must have one of those T-shirts. Please do not pass me by again. I have been trying to buy one t-shirt for a long time and the portal does not take me to a place where I can order.

    • Email noticed! Setting up a supply chain is terrible from Latvia (especially now) so we’ll be custom printing these when we reach the 15 orders. You’re in, of course. Pay what you want, shipping is free, all of the money goes to Ukraine.

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