War in Ukraine: Episode 0

Greetings, Comrades. A short intro about the recent events and what’s going to happen with our show now. The plan about what we’ll do when a war breaks out, is now activated. Glory to Ukraine!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: Episode 0
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9 Comments on War in Ukraine: Episode 0

  1. You were right all along, thank you for your insights and bravery in bringing us the truth. I once thought you were paranoid about the harassment you were receiving, but everything you have said has come true. Stay safe! I thank you once again for your courage.

  2. Thank you for this. Now, some advice from an old Cold Warrior: Try to get some rest / sleep so you can keep going!

  3. Tragic all around this is tragic but thank you for the truth you bring and for educating us all

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