War in Ukraine: Episode 113

As we’re preparing the long-form episode, here’s a detailed analysis of the military situation in Ukraine with future prospects. Oh, and some news.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: Episode 113
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1 Comment on War in Ukraine: Episode 113

  1. I found this episode really interesting! Thank you for collecting and presenting various military assessments (also on Ukraine’s problems).

    I want to offer some constructive criticism though.
    While I like the information you present in some episodes it is presented in a rambling way. A bit more structure in the presentation would help a lot.
    I dont know how much time you have to prepare your episodes, but I think a little bit of time to write down the main points that you want to bring across and how you want to present them and how you want to transition between them might increase the listening experience a lot.
    Sometimes you verbalize thoughts that you might have about how you produce your podcast etc. Such “internal” thoughts interrupt the listening journey, if that makes sense. So I would keep those to myself or bundle them in a “behind the scenes” block/episode.

    Anyway, that was a lot of criticism for something that you offer for free 🙂
    Please just consider it my two cents on how to improve your podcast. Thanks for doing this!

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