Prison Riot Mini

I’m recording the boat ep, but this just happened, and I simply had to put it for your consideration. Also, for someone in Hollywood to make an insane horror movie out of this.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Prison Riot Mini
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  1. Something I have been considering, and not just about this episode, but with all the kleptocracy in Russia, when is a crime just a crime and not someone trying to get insurance money while getting out of debt, ie “The fire was totally not arson, so please give me a lot money for my otherwise worthless business.”

    I mean, you could chase around all sorts of possibilities and what is NOT plausible anymore? People making fake borders to smuggle and cheat people, the FSB blowing up apartments to create a fake Chechen terrorist plot, and those recent fires near Chernobyl lately, probably arson given how spread out they were, and who comes to mind given the armed conflict involving Ukraine?

    Its like you said, this is what its like living next door to a drunken bear that likes to start drunken fights, maybe shoot down an civilian aircraft while LITERALLY drunk!

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