One Minute to Midnight…

Greetings, Comrades!

Sorry for being…well, let’s just say, not-as-much in time with our episodes. We’re plagued with deep personal issues at this time, and to be frank, making the show is the thing that keeps me sane. This episode covers the recent news about Russia, and is intended to be a follow-up to the PWC Wagner episode. Covering the nuclear threats, new weapons Putin presented in his “state of the union” speech and what were the political reasons of him doing so. Also, any and all paypal donations/patreon support very much appreciated. Thank you, everyone, and I hope you’ll enjoy this episode. I’m just gathering strength to continue right now, but…we’ll march on. Happiness is Mandatory after all.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
One Minute to Midnight...
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3 Comments on One Minute to Midnight…

  1. I’m sorry you are having troubles my friend. I pray for you and yours facing tribulations. But the podcast will go on! Unless you want a break which we would of course understand.

  2. I’m sure other people have ointed this out by now, but a nuclear powered cruise missile is not only possible with today’s technology, it was possible with 1950’s technology. We, the USA, almost built it.

    As far as the United States of North America thing, it’s probably political in support of the oppressed people of the American puppet states south of the USA border.. There are people who consider themselves Americans because they live on an American continents and find it arrogant of the USA to claim that we are the only “Americans”.

    Thanks for the great show. I’ve only got 48 hours of listening to make it to the present day.

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