Episode 31 – All In

Greetings, Comrades! I received an ominous call from Russia last night. Warning me about dire threats to my life. This episode is all about that. And more.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Episode 31 - All In
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5 Comments on Episode 31 – All In

  1. Hi , I really enjoy your podcast, especially the GULAG and Chernobyl series. Just fantastic. I did listen to your most recent podcast with the ominous call you received. I also heard the testimony that Alice gave expressing the fear you both have along with a request for monetary support. The question is – do you still have this fear or do you think you had overreacted? It is so hard for me to understand this being from the US so I am hoping you had overreacted slightly and now have a better sense of security?

  2. Hello. I just wanted to pop in and say there are Americans who take Russia seriously too. Don’t let the US media trick you into thinking we don’t pay attention. I really appreciate your podcast and I hope you all stay safe. I hope that call was just a sick crank call but as one man of faith to another I am praying for your safety. I’ll also look into your paypal collection. Keep up the good work.

  3. I enjoy listening to your podcast. Thanks for telling the truth and risking your ass. Stay safe comrade.

  4. Your podcast is one of my favorites, and has gotten me interested in visiting the Baltics. You should be subsidized by their tourism bureaus, haha.

    On a more serious note – hang in there, and know that if things get too hot in your neck of the woods there are many here is these United States who would welcome the both of you.

    Peace and safety be with you.

  5. Hey Kris,
    I know you’ve said that your political views are “journalist”, and similarly, I would described my views as “scientist”.
    I’m convinced that Russia does rig elections for power, but I have a few issues with the claim that it was done with the US this cycle, and the following panic. I would love your thoughts as someone who has much more knowledge of Russia, so here are my issues.
    1. Who’s claiming it: Most of the politicians I have seen claiming that Russia did that have a history of lying and looking for excuses to go to war. Also, the first paper to claim this is owned by someone who has a 9-figure contract with the CIA.
    2. No briefing. To my knowledge no intelligence agency has agreed to brief Congress on the subject. To me this makes it sound like it is unfounded.
    3. Suspicious evidence to the contrary: the man believed to have leaked the files was found dead after a “mugging” in which nothing was stolen. Also the claims by ex-diplomats that it was a leak, not a hack.
    4. The contents of the emails. Even if Russia did take the information from the DNC and Podesta, what they revealed is alarming. The criminal PAC collusion, the primary rigging, dictating the ideas for politico articles and Colbert Report episodes, etc. I don’t see how whoever did this can be accused of much other than journalism.
    5. Wikileak’s accuracy. They still haven’t had to make any retractions over the years, so I have no reason to believe they suddenly have little/no credibility.
    Thank you for reading, and I would love to read/hear your response.

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