Episode 30 – Punishment, final part: The GULAG within me

Greetings, Comrades!

We have reached the conclusion of our GULAG series. It has been a dark and terrible story…and it has no happy ending. But at the end of the episode, you’ll understand me, and possibly any other Baltic person that you may know, so much better. This one is about the scars. And it’s not pretty.

Today’s picture is “Seven Semyons” – of the Ovechkin family. Possibly the most chilling picture I’ve ever posted.


The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Episode 30 - Punishment, final part: The GULAG within me
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3 Comments on Episode 30 – Punishment, final part: The GULAG within me

  1. The insights of the past few Punishment Shows makes really appreciate that my Great Grandparents moved from the Suwalki Region in Poland to the USA a little more than a century ago. Through Facebook I have been able to find cousins still living in that area, and am starting to peace the family history together, and their divisions, German or Polish, Lutheran or Catholic…. I have learned that my Great Great Uncle fought in WWII on the German Side at 50 years old or so,(Not making my Jewish Wife very happy) and never could go home after the War. The Shows showed that a lot of people are forced to make a choice, and a lot of the time the choice is not clearly good or bad, but bad either way.

  2. There was a similar hijacking in Hungary, a few months before the 1956 revolution. Fortunately no one died, but the hijackers beat up all the passangers because they didn’t know which one of them was the state security agent who usually accompanied these flights. The man in question was actually in the cockpit when hijacking happened, but he didn’t use his gun for some reason. In the end, the plane safely landed in West Germany, and the hijackers were celebrated as heroes. Besides them, two of the passangers choose to stay in the West.

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