Episode 3 – Soviet Culture 101

Greetings, Tovarischi! In this episode I’ll try to introduce you to the basics of the Soviet culture life. And don’t worry, I will return to this subject sometime in the future I well. I hope you’ll enjoy the show.
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Also, the word “tovarisch” is a latinized spelling of the word  “Товарищ” meaning “Comrade” – and the way of me, pronouncing in the show is the proper Russian pronunciation of it. I received a question about the meaning of this from a listener, and as the answer isn’t included in the show, I thought I should post it here.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Episode 3 - Soviet Culture 101
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  1. Two TV channels was the same we had in Sweden.
    Although we where in the west the Swedish state TV company looked to the east for inspiration. For instance when Swedish State TV (SVT) did a demonstrated cable television in the 80’s it was all eastern block channels like 10 of them that they showed and one West German one 😀
    Swedish politicians where extremely upset in the late 80’s and wanted to ban satellite dishes when TV3 started broadcasting to Sweden from the UK via satellite.

    So Sweden was kind of a USSR wannabee in some ways but definitely a free country

  2. Thanks a lot for your labor, comrade. It’s really cool. One minor note : this series of “Wizard of Emerald city” by Volkov, which was definitely originally plagiated from “Wizard of Oz” is quite long (approx 6 or 7 books), but it never mentions Americans, Soviets or any other real nation or state. All the personages in it bear though Anglo-Saxon names) it was my favorite reading in childhood)

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