Episode 13 – 1988

Greetings, Comrades!

You might find that this episode is not as epic as the previous one – but that’s because we’re overworked. Anyway, we tried our best, and here it is. It’s very patriotic, however. And also – we’re on google podcasts now. For other news, listen to the show. Also, Ieva Akurātere is awesome.

October 7th Manifestation for a Just State

Today’s picture is a photo from the October 7th manifestation for a just state.

And here’s the link to Ieva Akurātere – My Country, in the 1988 Liepājas Dzintars festival:


And enjoy the show!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Episode 13 - 1988
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  1. It’s a really nice song. Latvian sounds like a beautiful language.

    While I know very little of the history of this country, a lot of things you mention are familiar to me. My studies in history have made me realize just how similar the experiences of people living in different countries of the Eastern Bloc were – from the corrupt and inefficent bureaucracy to the fascination with Western products.

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