Episode 7 – Soviet Christmas Special

Greetings, Comrades, and Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the small delay, but the new episode is finally here. All the listener questions we received are answered…and then we talk about the very depressive issue of Christmas in the Soviet Union. Special thanks goes to Lynn, from The History of The Ottoman Empire podcast, for doing the intro – and he allowed us to do his, so after you’ve done with this episode, go and check him out at https://historyoftheottomanempire.squarespace.com/

We have two pictures this week! One is the Rubles that you might be getting in the following three months:

And the second one is Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. Santa Claus has nothing on this!

Ded Moroz

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Anyways…enjoy the show, I hope your questions have been answered, and..,Merry Christmas!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Episode 7 - Soviet Christmas Special
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6 Comments on Episode 7 – Soviet Christmas Special

  1. Good episode, thank you. English is easily understandable. Didn’t know that history of the Christmas tree. Interesting analysis of the Syria, I think it has much merit.

  2. Dave, you continue to be awesome. Please, notify us when the medal arrives, sorry for my terrible handwriting on the card, and check out other awesome podcasts at darkmyths.org

    And, of course, thank you for being here.

  3. Yet again, great podcast. I wish lots of Westerners could hear this!
    My father, who lived in Hungary in the 1950s, the Stalin Era, said something similar. He said they abolished CHristmas and came up with a guy called “Télapó”. Sort of “Father Winter.” Their small resistance was to dress up very nicely on Christmas Day.
    I wonder if Western folks will ever get it.
    But very good!!

  4. Listening to this episode, an early childhood memory came up to me. It was middle of winter in late 1970s, when our teacher asked – ok class, what kind of celebration are we expecting? – with huge wink towards freshly decorated fir-tree under the omnipresent portrait of Dedushka Lenin. The 5 or 6 years old me sprung up with joyous – Christmas day – yell. See, because my grandparents could not quit marking their annual time as they used to before soviets took over. Our nice teacher got gray and stiff on her face and went on, in funny, fast voice – christmas? what’s that christmas? there’s no such thing as christmas.

    She composed fast, put her smile back, asked – anybody else knows? – and nodded happily to other children telling it’s the new year’s day. I wasn’t much upset even. Grownups contradicting each other, what else was new? And only decades later it came to me what peril I were bringing to my family, if there was right stack around of loose children lips and eager to denounce parents. Such was the spirit of the soviet era. And that’s what this show is about.

    As an older friend and compatriot of Eastern Border’s team, I’m really happy to see this show growing from a heap of anecdotal evidences into serious collection of oral history, describing the everyday life on this side of the iron curtain, and how that dreadful legacy keeps messing up our life 26 years later.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this podcast to my contemporal Cold War time westerners, and as well to younger people, to everyone curious about everyday life of the soviet era.

  5. Great podcast! Fascinating topic and you’re a terrific podcaster. I actually would have liked to hear more of your opinion on the Syria situation. You mentioned that there are differences in how you see things compared to the Scandinavian countries–could you elaborate? I understand if you want to avoid getting too political. Have you heard of coral castle in Florida? I think that guy was from Latvia. Love the podcast, this topic is so interesting, I have so many questions. Also, your accent is adorable!

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