War in Ukraine: Episode 33

Greetings, Comrades! As you’re listening to this, I am on a plane to Budapest, and after that, I’ll have a 17 hour train trip to Ukrainian border and we’ll get a bus to Odessa from there. In this episode, we discuss Ukraine matters with an expert – Antony Bartaway, from Ukraine without Hype podcast who’s an American journalist who has been living in Ukraine for 8 years now and whom I’ll also meet in person. In these dark times, I hope that our conversation will help you understand the situation more. We tried to debunk some myths here.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: Episode 33
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  1. Hi, I’m Kathrin, german living in Madrid. This podcast was recomended to me in a Youtube comments section where we were discussing the war.
    I want to thank you for your work
    I agree that in western Europe we have been the naive hipsters.
    In the case of Germany:the weight of our shame and our guilt is so high that many have been blind.
    I myself am shocked, shocked that they dared. But I am not surprised because I listened to the 2007 Security Summit speech and we were all warned by the fascist imperialiatic agressor himself.
    Our ” happy flower hipsternes” also comes from the fact that war and caos in Europe had almost always originated from Germany vs. France. We were so happy that we had managed to stop that and built a peace based upon the respect of existing borders that we thought the one thing that is clear to everyone in Europe is that you don’t touch other countries borders to gain or regain territory.
    We still are and should be happy about that.
    Left in western Europe has indeed been stupid and naive and had forgotten the partisans. They/ we thought NATO was unnecesary and redundant ( and one should still be critical with illegal attack wars the US started like Vietnam or Iraq but those were not NATO wars and clearly we desperately need NATO).
    I am fully prepared to grovel before the Baltic States. The slap in the face for Germany has been terrible. We have been telling the Baltic States they were being paranoid.
    I wished they would switch off the gas today. We can still be proud to finally be peaceful and respect our neighboors, but we shall defend every centimetre of our union.

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