War in Ukraine: Episode 22

Daily news digest about the war in Ukraine. Russia’s economic voes just get worse by the day. And there are some interesting political developments too.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: Episode 22
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  1. The school donations (except for the socks) appear to be the moral boosting portion of the Russian combat field ration. It would seem that Russia doesn’t have/can’t supply enough pre-packaged rations for units in the field. These rations are something that should have been ordered are received well before field operations commenced. It’s been noted before but this points to severe supply chain issues and/or negligent logistical planning.

    This makes the idea of deporting Ukrainians to Russia all the more worrying. If they can’t feed their soldiers effectively, what will they provide for these deportees? The same questions apply to Ukrainian POWs. Unless facilities have been built and supplied in advance, the ration supply issues would be largely similar to those faced by the Russian armies.

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