War in Ukraine: Episode 16

Your daily news digest about the events in Ukraine, surrounding the war!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: Episode 16
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3 Comments on War in Ukraine: Episode 16

  1. I wondered about the actual movements of the Kadyrovtsy. That really cheesy photo op with Ramzan supposedly directing traffic out of Prypiat like some kind of Influencer personality. Sure, its all fine and well for them when they want to harass and terrorize civilians but when you put them up against trained and coordinated forces, they end up Cargo 200 as in the Battle Of Kasham!

    • And I have been informed that it was in fact Daniil Martynov in that video. He will make a good fertilizer as Tushayev did.

  2. Very informative on Putin’s motivations, thank you for diving deep into these current matters for us.

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