War in Ukraine: Episode 142

News about the war. This time, a bit of philosophical musings about the end goals of the war, as I see them and an update about the most recent situation on the front lines.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: Episode 142
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  1. Of course we all carry forward our ancestors’ prejudices, unless we stop and unite to stop repeating those cycles of nationalism. The EU has problems , but it is a next stage of existence.
    1. America is a flawed democracy by capitalism. Marx had some accurate observations but he was misplaced in where to put his trust.
    2. Kristaps, I don’t understand the oligarchs point of views. It seems that the 1990s is blamed on the oligarchs unrestrained by the Soviet government and even the US supported the oligarchs based on some rationale that business unrestrained would lift thé prosperity of everyone. I just don’t know who to blame for the 1990s .

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