The Purple Mummy (Anatoly Dneprov, 1965)

And as promised, I bring you some very Soviet Sci-Fi! More to come, especially if you’ll join our patreon. Enjoy! (We’re even using the old logo for this one!)
The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
The Purple Mummy (Anatoly Dneprov, 1965)
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  1. At first, I was kind of leaning towards there being a wrong hypothesis in the story about the entire thing, then it entered my mind about the Soviet era of censors and how the story was supposed to reflect upon the kultura, then I was amazed at the description of 3d printing, and 3/4 of the way through, there was the reveal about the evidence for their original hypothesis. “Oh, yeah, I see now.”

    Of course, my first Soviet era sci fi novel was Roadside Picnic and, with this novel, I can see the way the usage is. I thought it might gave just been the way the Strugatsky’s wrote, but there are Russian elements of sentence formation in this one as well.

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