MIR and the Last Soviet Citizen pt.2

Greetings, Comrades! This is our second part of our emergency phone recorded podcasts, as our PC is pretty much dead. It would be nice if you would consider donating to us via Patreon or clicking the donate button on our homepage theeasternborder.lv or just directly to ihatebalrog@gmail.com via PayPal. But yeah, this was split into two part

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
MIR and the Last Soviet Citizen pt.2
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  1. Getting a bit hard to listen to this. I don’t know much about the space technical terms myself (and I can’t imagine how hard it is to do in a second language) but here’s a couple quick definitions for ya:

    Payload: Payload is whatever you want to send up into orbit as opposed to the rest of the rocket which is what you need to get that stuff into orbit. Payload includes Cosmonauts, vodka, and in all probability more vodka.
    Payload Bay: The part of the ship where you keep your payload. Generally doesn’t contain rocket fuel.
    Payload Bay Bulkhead: The wall in the payload module.
    Forward Payload Bay Bulkhead: Which wall you’re talking about.

    Altitude: How high you are above the ground.
    Attitude: How spun around you are with respect to the ground. A gymnast changes her attitude when she spins in the air. If Mir loses Attitude control the solar panels don’t line up well with the sun anymore and the energy output drops dramatically.

    Non dynamic flight phases: When the rocket isn’t lit. If your rocket is burning you’re accelerating. If it’s not you stay at the same velocity. Until you hit something.

    Probe and drogue: I don’t know, but here’s a Wikipedia link:
    Looks like it’s a sort of funnel arrangement for getting your fuel lines to connect in mid air refueling.

    Real shame you couldn’t get an interview with the cosmonaut. That would have been pretty cool.

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