Joking about Putin is bad…

Greetings, Comrades! This episode is special. It’s a minisode, sure. But it’s  a testament on how Putin’s government fights against free speech. And if you dare to mock them, to make fun of them, they come crashing down. But…I’m used to that. And I can dish out as much as I can take them. So, please, here’s the link to the joke in question, share it as much as you can, and, please support the show!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Joking about Putin is bad...
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  1. Leaving this w/ my friend’s radio/webcast at (03:00-04:00 EEST), but also archived w/in 15 mins of the show. He details the hypocracy of major tech companies, especially when it comes to free speech and surveilance (ie: Facebook), although hightlights the good and altruism and social cohesion that technological platforms can bring.

  2. d’oh, forgot to mention it is broadcast Mondays (Tuesday morning for you) from Jersey City (across the Hudson from downtown Manhattan), and I forgot to figure our daylights savings time and your summer time, so 02:00-3:00/ (not so mathy today).

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