Extra: Vanga with Strange Matters!

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Alice is away for three weeks, working in a children’s camp. That means I don’t have an editor, so regular episodes are taking a small break – but, in this sunny time, this means, you get specials! And some other stuff later on, but we’ll see. Anyhow, here’s an episode that we wanted to do for a while now, it’s about the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga, together with Sam from the Strange Matters podcast. A bit less Soviet stuff, a bit more philosophical discussion on the nature of man and why it’s really hard to actually make some concrete statements about this nice, old Bulgarian lady. Enjoy!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Extra: Vanga with Strange Matters!
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  1. I came here after hearing your interview on the Tom Woods Show podcast. I’ve listened to around ten of yours and so far The Eastern Border has been fantastic. Thank you for putting together such an excellent and informative podcast! You’ve got another listener for sure.

  2. I hope I don’t make anyone angry, but a few things:

    – Why do people assume the stuff she said about “the world melting” was about global warming? Because the quote you mentioned does not seem to imply that, to me. It’s very vague. Human brains are designed to automatically “fill in the blanks” in anything that seems incomplete, and do the “filling in” with whatever seems to it fits. This is the reason people saw the “face on mars” and stuff like that. Politicians (and writers, etc.) also make use of this feature of the human brain when they say vague stuff about “justice” and “fairness” without specifying what this “unfairness” or “injustice” really is etc., they are letting the listener “fill in the blanks” with whatever he feels is “unfair” etc. One has to be careful not to let oneself get carried away by unsubstantiated assumptions and unconscious “filling in of the blanks”.

    – Why would a person in 1989 describe a plane as a “steel bird”? Why not simply say “a plane”? The Boeing 747 exists since 1968. And even if she was blind, she would most likely have known what a plane was and probably have heard descriptions of planes so as to be able to recognize one in a vision (assuming she had those).

    – There are many cases of cancers remitting and seemingly dissapearing without a known cause, independent of the person being religious, supertitious, having been “healed” by a “healer”, etc. There are cases where none of that has been present and the person had their illness disappear without a known cause. That does not imply magic or supernatural intervention.

    – The fall of the USSR was predicted by many economists as early as 1921 with Ludwig von Mises (former congressman Ron Paul, a follower of Mises, also predicted the 2008 crash as early as 2001). Since then, a lot of people believed the system was (clearly) unworkable and that it had to eventually collapse.

    – A prophecy is useless and has no value if it does not state specifically when, where and what will happen (if it’s not useful and actionable information). Aso, a mundane prediction is useless if it does not explain why the predicted thing will (likely) happen, what the causal relationship is.

    Good episode at any rate.

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