Gulags : USSR Punishment

Episode 27

Greetings, Comrades!


This must be halloween for you. You must want to hear something scary. Well…this is the tale about the annihilation of my people. Humans are the true monsters, not any aliens or ghosts. This episode took a lot from me. Please, be respectful. I’m talking about a genocide here. Fuck halloween. This…this is real tragedy.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Gulags : USSR Punishment
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2 Comments on Gulags : USSR Punishment

  1. Word of warning before any of you new here check out this episode. A. Do it in a place where you can hurt no-one including yourself with vodka (or tons of beer cause you will want to get shitfaced while hearing this). Or b. Combine this podcast with exercising with a punching bag, cause boy will you want to murder people after hearing these stories. I know I do.

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