Episode 17 – Curtain in Tatters

Greetings Comrades! Our episode about 1989 in the eastern bloc is out! Within: Baltic Way, interview about the Berlin Wall, soap operas, revolutions and more. As today is the largest Latvian national celebration of the year, I can’t provide more explanations right now, I have to jump over a fire, while drinking a beer! Līgo!

Pictures for today’s episode:

These are from the Baltic Way. They might seem naive and too optimistic, but…we were like this at the time. And we’re proud of it!

Fenomens-Baltijas-cels-8 - Copy





And this is one of my sources, the Soviet Youth newspaper of the November 7th, 1989.

Soviet Youth magazine

Thank you for listening, I hope you’ll enjoy the show and…await our special episode.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Episode 17 - Curtain in Tatters
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5 Comments on Episode 17 – Curtain in Tatters

  1. Curonian, good morning from the far South America!

    Actually Slavegirl Isaura is a pretty accurate translation from the original name (Slave Isaura/Escrava Isaura): it was a brazillian soup opera that aired here on the 70’s an was a huge hit, having re-runs to this day.

    But we actually don’t speak spanish here, we speak portuguese. So here’s some info from far beyond the border.

  2. Hey, I’m new to the podcast and I’m listening to all the episodes in order. So far, EXCELLENT! I love it, but in this episode it’s kind of annoying how the other guy keeps interrupting and just being kind of an ass in that way. Very interesting episode tho, very interesting podcast.

  3. I know this joke has been done be for, but the Velvet Underground Revolution is my Czech Lou Reed cover band name.

    I love Travis Dow and all of his myriad of podcasts (which are all brain crack), but he seemed more caffeinated then usual on this episode.

    Just started a new job, and about to get hit by a hurricane, but I hope to contribute in the near future. Keep up the good work!

  4. Great episode but the other guy talking with you needs to chill. He interrupted so many times and made it tough to listen to. Loved all your parts Curonian. Keep it up!

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