Complicated Geopolitics with The Red Line

Greetings, Comrades! We’re busy, recording episodes about Soviet everyday life, however this time, we bring you Michael from the amazing The Red Line podcast to discuss the peculiarities of post-soviet politics. It’s complicated, messy and leaves you slightly depressed with more questions than answers. Just the way we enjoy it here. We dragged out Michael and threatened him with KGB so that he’d get a bit of relaxed conversation, instead of the very technical expertise he usually does on his show, and I think it ended up really well. 

Oh, and a quote from him that I promised to put in the show notes:
“First law of journalism: The more bullet holes in your hotel, the better and cheaper the food!” /Michael

Link to The Red Line podcast:

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Complicated Geopolitics with The Red Line
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  1. Good show, I vicariously enjoy a dialogue between intelligent people that may be dark but is not full-Melian.
    I had to look up diacope, In retrospect I have the feeling I knew it at one fleeting point in my past but if so it was long since gone from memory, My minds Protectorate of Memel would be a metaphor.

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