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Greetings, Comrades! I managed to do a really dumb thing and fumble into a sewer hole, due to a hard-to-notice half-closed sewer lid and hurt my leg real bad. So, I’m talking about all the books that I’ve received and am reading now, with a rant about WW2 tossed in between. Some of those books you should even buy. I don’t know, I’m in pain and my head isn’t exactly working. Enjoy!


The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Book reviews
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  2. Excellent program! I’m an American who just moved to Riga for a 5-month engagement. I really appreciate your perspective. While I knew the basics of the realpolitik practiced by the West vis-a-vis Stalin, your explanation is unforgettable. I’m sharing it with all my family members so that they can understand what happened.

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