In this episode, I explain what all of this is going to be about, while I work on my first, real episode about M. Gorbatchev’s book on perestroika and work with all of my written material about the life in the USSR. This is the second iteration of the intro – so we spend some time explaining for our new listeners how the podcast has improved and evolved over time.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
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3 Comments on Introduction

  1. I’m 46 and grew up outside of Washington, DC. The Cold War filled and terrified my childhood. I want to hear the Latvian / Slavic point of view on the world. *thank you* for doing this podcast. I eagerly wait for your perspective, wisdom and information.

  2. Hi love this initiative!
    Are this podcast up on iTunes? is it possible to get it up there, or something like overcast?

    • Due to me, living in Latvia, I haven’t been able to personally get it on iTunes, because they ask for a credit card as the only means of payment, but I only have a debit card. Which they won’t accept. No other means are available here. BUT there are some people, who have subscribed to us through there, so I suppose we are there. Somehow. I’ve no way of checking out. We are on Stitcher, however. Or, you can just subscribe to our RSS feed.

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