Red Dawn 5 – The dawn has come

Greetings, Comrades!

This is part 5 of our Red Dawn series – here, I talk about the events that commenced in October 1917, and how the whole insurrection happened. Because there was no second revolution. There was, however, a coup, beginning of a civil war and a bunch of decrees. This is when Lenin finally gets to put his theoretical ideas into practice. Enjoy! Oh, and also: for all of our Patreon subscribers, the next part of Anna Politkovskaya’s “Russian Diary” is also already waiting for you on our Pateron site!

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5 Comments on Red Dawn 5 – The dawn has come

  1. Greetings tovarish!
    I am a new fun from Greece and i have fallen in love with your podcast, its epic!Truly i see apart of my countries way of thought with all its pessimism(yet a plethora of jokes),corruption,theft and laziness to the soviet union as you presenting and its highly interesting!
    Ι learned about it from your intro to the Byzantine podcast,and the thing that immediately grabbed my attention and made me want to try your podcast was the pompous and glorious music(which you use as intro as well)
    So may i ask how is the song you use called?
    (i don’t know if you have answered that some other time since i am on episode 11 now but i cant wait!)

  2. Just wanted to point out that Trotsky was killed in Mexico (City), not Argentina. I know my brain would be bubbling everywhere trying to put together a traumatic episode like this. Keep up the good work!

    • Ha, yes, I honestly don’t know how that made it there. You don’t even know how many emails we got about this. we do rectify in the next episode!

      • I had a day to kill waiting for my (now) wife to arrive in Mexico City (where she is from), and I decided to take her friend to see the addresses where Trotsky was killed (still exists) and where William Burroughs accidentally killed his wife (now an upscale condo).

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