On the meeting of Khruschev and Kennedy. Kind of.

Sorry for the shortness this time, it’s all explained in the episode, which ended up being a bit of a philosophical diatribe about hate, relationships and politics, using the Kennedy-Khruschev meeting as context. Sort of. At the same time, I’m making a Patreon special, releasing later today, where I’ll explain the (stereotypical versions of) European countries, by using American stereotypes. Enjoy – and be nice to each other. See you in October, US folks. Oh, and non-Patreon supporters who’ve donated via Paypal – please, do email us to theeasternborder@gmail.com to claim your extra stuff, otherwise I can’t give you the links as PayPal doesn’t show me your mail addresses.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
On the meeting of Khruschev and Kennedy. Kind of.
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5 Comments on On the meeting of Khruschev and Kennedy. Kind of.

  1. Anglosphere is new to me though the knee jerk angry reaction to not professing your absolute faith to a corrupted interpretation of a single political ideology is not.

  2. Yeah, the polarization, in days past you could be considered suspect by the right just for calling Kennedy soft in comparison to Kruschev, as even his political opponents would have acknowledged his wartime bravery & feat of endurance, though that is not the kind of toughness you were referencing. However the political entertainment shows have indoctrinated the screaming acolytes (most especially those who never served in the military themselves and consider screaming on the internet a good substitute) to hate everything associated with the dreaded evil of the party of Jefferson and yeoman farmers and thus Kennedy becomes just another enemy beside Kruschev. Notwithstanding he was the right man to have during a missile crisis I think your point is correct that there were others of that more mature political culture who could have dealt with all of that in a manner far far better than any of the new insane screaming politicians rising to the top today like chunks in milk.

  3. Hi Kristaps, I need to let you know that today I was unable to access many of the earlier episodes from iTunes. I tried episode 25 through Man of Steel 1, and none would download. I checked the most recent episode and it downloaded just fine. No problem for me, I got the ones I needed from this site, but you may want to check into that. Someone curious and wanting to start at the beginning (as I did a couple months ago) might be out of luck.

    By the way, I love the show and I’m looking forward to catching up. Lots of listening to do as I am only up to the Punishment episodes! Thanks for podcasting.


    • I’ll deal with this. I think it might be itunes, which only have the last 100 ep’s. I recommend using our acast link – just look up Eastern Border Acast and go from there. Or Spotify.

  4. Is the patreon content already uploaded or it had to be postponed?
    All the best for your hospital stay!

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