National Cultural Development under Communism with Baked and Awake

Greetings, Comrades!

Posting this episode just a few hours before flying back home to Latvia. In this episode, me and Stephen from the glorious and highly recommended Baked and Awake podcast ( discuss a peculiar released CIA document from 1957, called “National Cultural Development Under Communism” which you can find here:

First part of the show is me, reading the document – which is also available in full in Baked and Awake youtube channel as a separate entity, as we couldn’t find it in a read/presented form anywhere online. The second part is our analysis of it, including some conspiratorial stuff and shenanigans. Stephen’s been a great host and I’ve been staying with him in Seattle for the past few days, and his weed is great but his show’s even better, so do give him a listen. And I sincerely hope you’ll like this episode.



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