Man of Steel, part 1 – Stalin 101

Greetings, Comrades!

In this episode, we discuss Stalin. ALL that is Stalin. Superman can take a rest…if he was real, and Stalin were the head of the USSR, Supes would end up in a GULAG. We’re talking about a man, who almost killed his father, when he was 7. Intentionally. Also, he’s endured almost everything. And yeah…this is the happiest episode of the series that I have to make about the person who’s responsible for the genocide of my people. About one of the greatest men in history…and one of the most evil,  bloodthirstiest men in history. Enjoy. Or not. It’s more about me, telling the story this time.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Man of Steel, part 1 - Stalin 101
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      • No problem man, I really enjoy your show! It made me laugh, and that’s good in any case 😀

        BTW, for some reason the RSS email subscription does not work for me. I entered my email in the widget a couple of months ago, but never received any updates in my mail. Checked spam and all. And when I try to enter my email address it says I’m already subscribed. It’s weird.

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