Man of Steel 7 – Sad Stalin, No Liberty

Greetings, Comrades!

Welcome to the one of the most depressive episodes I’ve ever made. Bonus points for you, if you caught the song reference in the title. This episode is about tragedy. Deep, personal tragedy and how it makes monsters out of men. Don’t want to spoil much else here. Also, about how sources and research can be tricky sometimes and why making this stuff isn’t easy – I take jab at one of the books I use, because¬†ohboy…we came to a point, where the uncertainties and errors were just too much. And also, to the point where there are people out there who actually attribute things to Stalin which he has never done to make him more evil – most probably, because they didn’t know of all the things he actually did, and those, really, are quite enough. Hope you’ll like the episode. It’s not funny, however.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Man of Steel 7 - Sad Stalin, No Liberty
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