Episode 28

Greetings, Comrades!

In this episode we take a step back from the darkness and turn on to an interview about the ancient tribes that lived in modern day Latvia, especially the Curonians! In an interview with a person that’s a good candidate of being the most interesting man ever to live! Here’s some pictures with Artis, today’s guest:


So, I hope you’ll enjoy today’s episode.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
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3 Comments on Curonians

    • It’s a learning process bro. You’re ironing out the technical aspects. You always knock it out of the park when it comes to content! Keep up the good work. Before your show, I had no idea what people living under communism suffered. You are the voice of everyone who was brutalized by that government. Nothing is more important than that bro.

  1. Loved this interview! I’m playing a Viking-style fighter in my current D&D campaign. Although I still plan to keep my two swords. The spear is such a boring weapon no matter what Artis says. I’ll let the cleric carry the spear.

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