Violence and education

Greetings, Comrades!

I have returned from my travels in lands yet untouched by civilisation, where, as I presume, a “burger” is a form of currency, and where they measure temperature in “fahrenheits” which apparently mean some indigenous nonsensical unit, because clearly no naturalist explorer would use that to describe temperature. And although I am about to divulge the knowledge that I’ve gained by the people living there, yet untouched by the caring hand of civilisation, alas, today I must make an episode about what has happened in Russia while I was gone. 😀

Seriously though, US was amazing, and I saw Texas and NYC and met a lot of amazing people, but this is a mandatory catch-up.


The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Violence and education
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  1. What your are witnessing is an extreme of identity politics. I have had personal conversations with those within this persuasion and it was discouragingly all talking points. Rather than having consideration about the meaning of society in the deepest philosophical meaning of the social contract and its maintenance, its all about what constitutes their groupiness and its really bad here within the United States. Just consider the veracity of statements and how they relate. Was it Nietzsche whom stated that it is everyone’s responsibility to account for all the influences on a person and decide which ones prevail? I think that can be applied here.
    On the topic of violence and guns, it is the absence, or the perceived absence, of social stability, which some feel the need to protect themselves. Philosophically, and with regard to Thomas Hobbes, this is living in the natural state of man, which is a life that is brutal, nasty and short. So, while according to the United States constitution (probably taken out of context as it usual is) you are “guaranteed” the right to carry arms, it has a meaning to it that anyone living within the protections that society affords should be wary of, that the person carrying is living in this natural state and it means something has failed.

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