Red Dawn 2 – 1905

Greetings, Comrades!

Today’s episode will be slightly different than planned, but nonetheless interesting! Today we’ll find out why Czar Nicholas II wasn’t as meek or neutral as people tend to portray him. In fact, Bolsheviks learned a lot from him. In the bad way. All in all, enjoy this, longer than usual episode, while we set the stage for even more Lenin. And go and listen to Inward Empire show in the mean time.



The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Red Dawn 2 - 1905
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  1. Metric System – US Military Muskets were using Metric Machine Threads until the Civil War. The first US Military Muskets (Model 1795) were copies of the French Charleville Model 1763/66.

  2. thanks for the bit about Leedskalnin, I had no idea he was part of that movement. I visited his Coral Castle,(I think I tweeted a pic or something) it’s pretty cool, lizards everywhere!

  3. I read once that the red state/blue state thing in the US comes from the way the TV news colored their map on election night. They used those two colors from our flag, and swapped them back and forth each election between the Democrats and Republicans. Then they decided to stop swapping them. The colors stuck the way they were on the last swap. I’m old enough to remember the colors being the other way around. Our media here are mostly Democrats, so I think they didn’t want the Democrat Party to be associated with communism, so they stuck the Republicans with it. Of course all the communists in the US vote for the Democrats.

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