Practical guide to Revolutions. An interview with Mike Duncan!

Greetings, Comrades!

Here’s our episode from the Sound Education conference – we managed to acquire an interview with famous Rome expert and theoretical revolutionary Mike Duncan, and talked about the various aspects of history, podcasting and…well, what makes a good revolutionary. Enjoy!

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  1. You only compare leftwing revolutions. Rightwing revolutions are called coups and are often delivered on time, according to specification and under budget.

    • Dan Carlin is veteran in history podcasting. He does more theme based podcasts. But he done some truly amazing stuff. For example his six part series on the first world war. Or his five parter about the Mongols. Or his fantastic one part podcast about the Anebaptist uprising in Münster. His pod about the fall of the Roman republic is really good too actually, one of the times I felt I learned something from a leftist perspective.
      The latest podcast he has made he shares for free, the rest do not cost much and are well worth buying:

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