Extra Episode 2 – Strange Chernobyl

And here’s our collaboration work with Strange Matters podcast. Please, do check them out. Also, I’m a bit tipsy and depressed due to personal deaths in the first part, hope you won’t mind. But two episodes at the cost of one? Who wouldn’t want that. Enjoy the show, and forgive our mistakes. And check the guys out, please!

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4 Comments on Extra Episode 2 – Strange Chernobyl

  1. I really liked this episode, to be honest, more than original Chernobyl. Maybe you will consider more episodes in this format?

  2. Chernobyl could not have undergone a fissile explosion. In order for a “nuclear explosion” to occur, there must be a critical mass of U-235, such that an exponential fissile chain reaction can occur. Nuclear fuel used for power generation is insufficiently enriched with U-235 for that to happen. This is why there was no “nuclear explosion”.

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