European country stereotypes explained by American stereotypes

Greetings, Comrades! Out of the hospital, but still feeling pretty bad. Can’t script really, and my voice is terrible, so doing this light-hearted stuff, and a reading of a Sci-Fi short story for Patreons a bit later. Anyhow, in this episode, I explain the stereotypes that we have about the Europe here, in EU, using the stereotypes that I know of about various American places – not just US, but all of the Americas because otherwise it would be to narrow. So…err, take this in good fun, please. I’m getting better and I hope this will serve as a way to understand each other a bit more.

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  1. Yes, Virginia is certainly Austria and The Netherlands is Massachusetts. Veremont is Moldava (don’t know why I never saw that before, it’s perfect) and Poland being Kentucky and Tennessee seems fair.
    The Ukraine has a far better chance of joining the EU than Puerto Rico des of becoming a state.

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