Episode 73: Nylon Mafia

Greetings, Comrades!

This time, thanks to the KGB research commitee, we can enjoy some very real criminal cases about smuggling in the USSR. It’s pretty great, as we found out that a Latvian/Swedish teacher can just swindle a smuggling gang, and that smuggling gang should be called “Nylon Mafia” anyways. Also, according to theme, here’s a link to our card game – made by a listener John – about smuggling. https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/kontrabanda We hope to work more with the KGB research guys in the future, and while you’re waiting for the next Stalin – enjoy this weird episode!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Episode 73: Nylon Mafia
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  1. I was intrigued to hear words like “supply” and “demand” and the heroic nature of the individuals who brought the two together in this analysis….these are words and concepts that are seemingly forgotten here in American discussions of economic issues.

  2. Fluent in lawyer, hahahaha, one of my favorite lines! Great show as always!Alice’s Patreon thanks/breaks make me laugh so hard everytime! Thank you both for all your hard work and awesome episodes!

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