War in Ukraine: The Blitz Edition

Greetings, Comrades! While in Kyiv, and working hard, we bring you an interview with a guest that’s my mentor in this whole podcasting business, quite probably the greaest history podcaster on the planet, Dan Carlin. We discuss the war in Ukraine, it’s geopolitical consequences, reasons and possible outcomes. Enjoy!

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: The Blitz Edition
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6 Comments on War in Ukraine: The Blitz Edition

  1. Unfortunately, Dan participates in a very biased and one sided view of the situation and its historical context. One can find tens of factual “errors” and “omissions” in the talk. Most of all, if one talks dishonestly for too long inconsistencies eventually start popping up. Although lie is legitimate way of fighting a war the result still depends on its quality. This war has been a mistake on both sides in many aspects and could have been stopped at any moment if only one key player wanted it to. Still can but it is not. It is irelevant to blame the other side if your side thinks and does the same. To get real sense of the UA side of guilt and responsibility people can read a short summary from A.Mate(click the link).
    The rest of Eastern Europe has just as many reasons to hate Russia as as Ukraine. Ask Poles just to start.

  2. Well, i like the podcast, but you had 1 fact totally wrong. FINLAND WAS PART OF RUSSIA. From
    1809-1917 and while that might not count as long historic russia, neither do a lot of other areas.

    • No, it was not. It was in in personal union with Russia (as the Grand Duchy of Finland). It kept its own parliament, laws and civilian institutions for most of the period. So while part of the russian empire, it never functioned like a part of Russia.

  3. Hey Curonian, I like your attitude. You seem well informed, give sober statements and go in depth about truly complex problems, like the old lady screaming at the internet guy mentioned in this very episode.
    I feel like you have completely missed out on a very important part of the conversation though.
    In particular, you speak of Ukraine as an actor, I can identify with Ukraine and see why it is doing what it is doing. It is portrayed as a character with all its strengths and flaws.
    Yet Russia seems to be this mysterious, shady, foreign entity about which close to nothing is known and only dark hypothesizing is valid. That is not so, and the counter evidence is numerous, from Chomsky to Mearsheimer over Guy Mattan.
    In any case, I was wondering if there is any way to get in touch with you.
    Cheers from Switzerland

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