War in Ukraine: Episode 30

Daily news about the war in Ukraine. This time, we answer the question about what Putin wants from this war – because we got hold of an article, automatically published in Russian state media, and then recalled whiich tells us exactly that.

Rus: https://web.archive.org/web/20220226051154/https://ria.ru/20220226/rossiya-1775162336.html

Eng: https://en.thepage.ua/news/a-new-multi-vector-world-what-putin-was-preparing-for-ukraine-and-the-west-after-the-invasion

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: Episode 30
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1 Comment on War in Ukraine: Episode 30

  1. Holy hell, this is 1708 aspirations all over again! Russia breaks a treaty? Check. Treats “Little Russians” with contempt and HAS treated them this way? Yup. Massacres an entire city of defenders including women, children and animals? Yup!

    The portion where, paraphrasing, “the West gnashes its teeth over the state of Russian union, etc” is astounding since its Russia that is evidently the one expressing frustration! WTF is with Russia projecting all the timeā€½ There were even photos of a Russia soldier with LITERAL, World War II Nazi tattoos on his back! “Look for tattoos, you know, just like Uri’s here as an example.”

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