War in Ukraine: Episode 134 + Apple Issues

Situation on the front with Girkin’s view about the future – and news from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, post-Soviet countries with traditionally close ties to Russia, who are now experiencing difficulties. Uzbekistan – because Russia can’t (or won’t) help them anymore, Kazakhstan – because they’ve chosen to turn to China as their strategic partner, to get away from Russia, and that brings it’s own set of problems.

Secondly, I’ve been told that the show doesn’t update on Apple Podcasts anymore – and it’s not my fault, this one is on Acast and Apple. I reached out to ACAST – the company that hosts my show on all podcast apps and literally everywhere else except this feed to find out the issues of podcast, not appearing on Apple podcasts. Turns out, i’m not the only one.

Acast and Apple, due to recent updates on both sides have completely borked the communication, such that a) ACAST-hosted shows have troubles updating there and b) no new shows can be added to Apple.

Yeah, there’s a reason I don’t use any Apple products or software. ACAST just says that: inform your audience to use other apps for a while. That’s it. That’s their solution. Sorry about that, folks – everyone just has to sigh and switch to other apps. I recommend spotify.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
War in Ukraine: Episode 134 + Apple Issues
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  1. Yeah, apps are a royal bitch. Best to avoid using “special” apps across the board and just download the podcast episodes from here instead. That way, listeners are guaranteed to get the latest episode WITHOUT the drama that stupid apps and app stores sometimes unleash.

    By the way, I discovered your program a couple weeks ago many thanks to John Michael Godier. Very good job keeping up with the madness in Ukraine and doing your best to get out the real truth about Russia and Putin’s, ahem, “ambitions”. Thanks for all the work and stay safe. 🙂

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