T-34 – The Venerable Workhorse

Greetings, Comrades! This time, we talk about THE most famous tank, this side of the iron curtain. The thing that won the battle of Kursk. The tank that everyone in this part of the planet instinctively thinks of, when someone asks them to think about the default “tank”.

Also, pictured below, as mentioned in the show, Fourth Monetary-Material Goods Lottery ticket, “mandatory-voluntary” deducted from your salary, worth 25 roubles (of 1940’s money), used to fund the mass production of the tanks.

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
T-34 - The Venerable Workhorse
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  1. Great show EB! So nice to hear a true account of the T-34. Yeah, you should do the Panther definitely, a direct response by the Germans to the t-34.

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