At the Mountains of Madness, Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap. Please, check out part 1, otherwise this will make no sense. Also, lots of love to our Patrons, artists, and everyone who supports the show. Happy New Year to you and yours! (This is basically insane Russian news, just in case you missed part 1)

The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
At the Mountains of Madness, Part 2
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1 Comment on At the Mountains of Madness, Part 2

  1. Well, I am now a super foreign agent because I purchased a Khaborovsk (go Green Wedge!) hockey team hat, some SSO/SPOSN hats and a gas mask (that fxing Covid!) and I also listen to your podcast so..”oh my, all this foreign sponsorship and, gasp, contributing to a krai in turmoil!” And I am REALLY in trouble because I have discourse on policy and cite Meduza and your podcast! Gonna have to be more careful about what I drink now! Carry a dosimeter around to make sure!
    Loved this episode and can’t wait to see what the future holds. And, yes, on the militaria episodes! COld War technology is pretty far out! The Dead Hand and Duga systems are interesting.

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