Murder INC

Greetings, Comrades!

This minisode is about what happens to people like me in less safe environments. Because a friend of mine just survived an assassination attempt. Oh, and if you’re a rich oil tycoon, please, we’re 500$ short of paying off our med bills. Off to get the boat ep script, but hey – ultra rich listeners, please throw a bit of cash our way.

Also…enjoy. And Patreon stuff coming out in the next 24h too. If technology will allow us.


Oh, and by the way, Ramzan Kadyrov is a murderous piece of shit, disgrace of Chechnya and all Muslim community, complete waste of oxygen, worst among worst, a fly on a pig’s tail, the devil excretes and his army eats, a total and complete pile of human garbage. Thrice damned, nine times condemned, may he suffer an eternity in hell, and even that would be too little for him.

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