PDRP 4 – Telling “how it is”

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This PDRP is important enough, to be included, I think. Hope you’ll like it. Regular episode on the 30th!

In today’s episode, we are joined by Stephanie Ellaine Hunt, leader of the Drinking Liberally New York section to talk about Trump election, to discuss “how it is” and make some sense about how to still stay friendly to each other in this partisan environment. Also, we discuss race issues, women’s issues, LGBT rights and why, exactly, are minorities and these aforementioned groups afraid of Trump. And should Trump voters be afraid of Trump? Maybe there can be something good from this election? Who knows. In the next episode, which shall be released soon, we’ll be talking with Ben. That one was recorded before election – but it will be interesting to listen to that, after both election and after this episode. Enjoy. Also, music was taken from a royalty-free site, and it’s Actionable by talented Ben Sound.

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  1. The Alt-Right is actually enviromental. But the fact you go out in listeining to msm sources that the alt-right is all nazis, is quite showing. You even say it yourself “they’re apperently nazis now” well apperently, but to whom?
    And you say you’re against the tumblr shit but use the words priveleged and choose to go with a token minority to not seem like you’re only with privleged americans.
    But whatever, i’m just one goy

  2. I don’t know how to post my thoughts in comment form because I disagree with almost everything she said. It is easy to believe though because I’m that white guy from the Midwest who is apparently a Nazi now? By the way, I took a civics class in elementary and in high school because we all had to in order to graduate as mandated by the state, so I do know how politics work.

    • I apologize if I offended you in any way or form. My own political views are strictly neutral – I’m a neo-prudentist, like Dan Carlin would say, and think that we should take the best from everyone’s view and not stick to ideologies or principles that much. I also hate all politicians with equally same passion, like I mentioned on this show (and every other). Stephanie was here, because so far, I’ve only had right-wing guests, and I wanted someone with those political views to explain why they might be afraid of trump. For one, I also hate the Tumblr “progressives” and all kinds of radical nonsense. So, my job here was to be polite and to receive answers on the questions I asked. So, please, don’t take this personally, if you radically disagree with something. The show is there to induce thinking. And I’m very happy that you people are responding and commenting! This is exactly like I had planned. I received a lot of flak from the other side about the “who are us” show, by the way, so this is just fair, in my opinion. And, like I said, I pray for more discussion, more debate and that Trump might actually be the best president ever. I don’t think I have any claims on absolute truth, obviously – all I can do is just be the one who starts a discussion. Thank you for listening and commenting.

      • I’m not angry at anyone, and I think you’ve done a good job at moderating the questions. There’s two topics that the main stream media and several of my friends have been pushing that have been really getting on my nerves though. First is people complaining about millennials and second is how to be a trump supporter you must be an uncultured, racist, woman hating, islamaphobe, Nazi. I just want to go on the record and say I’m none of those things and I am ready to debate politics as soon as I’m no longer degraded for my rational political views.

        The idea that white supremacy is on the rise is completely crazy. Yes there are racist people, there will always be racist people, but that is an extremely small percentage of the population.

        When you talked about the popular vote counting for too much in the presidential election, the electoral college does indirectly level the playing field. The real reason it was set up was to mitigate the say that uneducated people had in the election back during John Adams’s time in office. Obviously culture has changed, literacy rates have changed, and the power of the president has changed in the last 200+ years. I think the electoral college is a good thing and that states having a say in how the election is processed is a good thing. Imagine if the UN was ran by popular votes by country population and you can see what happens a lot of smaller states in US politics.

  3. Oy, so I don’t usually post on this kind or stuff, or at all really, but this last episode got on my nerves

    First off my bias’s I am white male new Englander so I quietly loath everyone. I a centrist leaning left although I don’t like that model for describing ideology and how it interacts with other ideologies. I am studying politic science in college so I both don’t know what I am talking about and actually like politics. I am sure there are other biases I should disclose but those are the big ones

    So most of my problems are really with things that the guest said, some of which are factually incorrect, and at other points I felt that she did a poor job explaining why things are the way they are over here.

    a good example of this is the description of the electrical college, everyone knows it is a wonky system, which is something we learn in civics class which is something we still have in a lot of public schools, I should know, I attended one. Her historical explanation makes no sense since both Adams and Jefferson became president and the college predates them both, the traditional explanation I heard for the college is its designed to curb populism because the electors originally did not have to vote the way there states do. Every presidential election we have the argument that it should be changed but since it takes an amendment to constitution to change it and not a law it is hard to change and no one wants to spend the political capital on the issue.

    and that was just one of the issues

    I guess my point is that the American system is weird, but there is a reason for why it is weird, and there can’t be a conversation about whether these systems are good if you didn’t get to heart of why they are in the first place. And I felt the podcast was made lesser because of the lack of a sympathetic ear and attempt to understand why people are doing the things they are doing right now in America.

    I find that sad because I think that is usually what this podcast is good at.

  4. >Electoral Collage is literally Hitler
    >Superdelegates crowning Hillary despite Bernie winning the popular votes is perfectly peachy keen
    Kekus Maximus, this is hilarious.

    Also: Keep up the good work!

  5. I’m in a strange position right now. I understand why a lot of people voted for Trump, and I also believe that those Tumblr progressives you mention above did a lot of damage to their own cause by pushing their agendas in obnoxious and tone-deaf ways (even helping to lead to a war within the Democratic party this year.) But I’m also a little worried about being an American with a partly Arab and Muslim background, and I’m more worried about the relatives on that side of my family who have immigrated to the US, considering the rhetoric of guys like Bannon and Flynn and so on. Honestly, this election feels a little like I just got told to go fuck myself.

    I have to hold out hope. I think a majority of Trump voters definitely aren’t bigoted, but were merely voting against Hillary or were attracted by Trump’s promises to return jobs to the US. Then again, my friends on the right who are happy about these developments and tell me that I shouldn’t worry at all – don’t I have the right to worry just a little bit?

  6. It would be great if the Eastern Border was it’s own feed. I come here to listen to an awesome podcast about about the Soviet Union from an interesting perspective. I don’t come here to listen to SJW’s whine about whatever the outrage of the week happens to be. We’re subjected to enough of that garbage already over here.

  7. Interesting conversation. Curonian, your instincts on the Electoral College are correct. It is indeed set up to protect the minority. Without it, the largest population areas would dominate politics in America (they already do to some measure) entirely. The rare occasion the popular candidate does not win is a blip in the system. She notes it has happened five times in American history, but in almost 60 presidential elections this is not a large fraction in the grand scheme of things. Much of the US political system is to avoid pure democracy. As Benjamin Franklin puts it, “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner…”

    Her assessment of the 2000 election is rather one-sided and the facts are colored by her bias. Another quote from Reagan this time, “It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s that they know so much that isn’t so.” Occasionally I wanted to yell through the podcast, “No no no! That’s all wrong!” But I don’t have space-time podcasting capabilities.

    I also agree with you, politicians tend to be corrupt. In fact, when we consider our politicians less corrupt than the other sides, that’s where trouble starts.

    She believes that Democrats are more in line with your political thinking. That may actually be correct because American political thinking isn’t nearly varied as we like to think. The American left and right are far closer to each other in our way of thinking than we are to our rough analogies in Europe.

    Good stuff, I enjoy your podcast and highly recommended it in a review recently. Keep up the great work.

  8. Your guest did a horrible job representing Americans. Although she did a good job representing the left; “everything isn’t fair if it’s not view”.
    We have a very very corrupt political system over here, on both sides. And the news media here is so twisted, they constantly give out very bias information. A lot of people here are spoon fed propaganda. And unfortunately this is how most people get their “educated opinions” on everything.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

  9. And also Trump became president because the majority of Americans are sick of the corrupt politics in congress. The Republicans in office didn’t want him and none of the Democrats wanted him. He said a lot of things that the Americans feel right now. Whether or not he goes through with what he said is another story.
    She said Trump has no experience, well Obama had no experience either, oh wait, he was a community organizer, and a lowly senator for almost two years who rarely showed up to cast votes.
    Now we have a country full of limp wristed “snow flakes” who need a ” safe place” if anything offends them.
    This country has become the laughing stock for the world. Only here can you be a man, become a woman, and get woman of the year!!!!
    A kid here brought a fake alarm clock bomb to school. Never got in trouble because of his skin color and race background. Then got invited to the White House from Obama! But if your a white kid and bite you sandwich into the shape of a gun you get expelled! Pretty cool times we live in huh?

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