Extra: Russia responds to Syrian strikes

Greetings, Comrades!

The regular episode is shortly coming up, just in a day or two – but so many of you have sent in questions regarding the Russian state and media responses to the USA missile strike on Syria, that I just had to talk about this. It’s my journalistic duty, and hey, I might not be here for long, if this continues like this, so might as well make more episodes. At any rate, this is a sporadic and nervous, direct discussion and translation episode, a complete extra that had to be put out there ASAP. But I sincerely hope you’ll learn something from it. Also, here are the links to all the sources, for our new listeners:






The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Extra: Russia responds to Syrian strikes
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2 Comments on Extra: Russia responds to Syrian strikes

  1. Not exactly a monolithic unified front (as you would have predicted) even where expected, perhaps there was no time.

  2. Thanks for sharing this episode comrade! It’s important to hear the official Russian response. No worries about the episode being jumpy–you got the message across. I wish the best for both of us.


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